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The word Chipkali is Hindi in origin  and refers to a forest lizard or gecko.  I am a small scale breeder  committed to breeding high quality geckos of the Rhacodactylus genus, specifically R. auriculatus, the gargoyle gecko, and R. ciliatus,  the crested gecko. My first four geckos were rescues; having been  abandoned in a dormitory and brought to the biology department of the  university at which I was a student. I was immediately smitten.   From that point, geckos have been a major part of my life.  I  have chosen to conduct breeding projects that utilize only healthy  animals and produce quality reptiles.  Once only a hobby, breeding  geckos has grown into a side business.  I strive to maintain high  standards in my business practices by providing excellent customer  service. These geckos have certainly added spice to my life and I hope  they will do the same for you.  So….I'd like to ask, "What's in your spice "Rhac"?” 

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**This is a new site! It is still under construction. Please pardon our "dust".  You can also follow us on Facebook. October 29, 2010 Look for me and my geckos at the North American Reptile Breeders  Conference (NARBC) in Houston, Texas, this weekend, October 29-31, 2001,  in the Reliant  Park Convention center. I'll be sharing a table with Berry Patch  Geckos. We will have both gargoyles and crested geckos for sale along  with live terrariums. 

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